No:-CEO/A/                                                                                                        Dated:-       -07-2017.


         It is hereby notified for information of all the Drawing and Disbursing officers of Education sector that all the employees working on their genuine establishment are required to check their personal records on Online Education Management Information System by logging into the system using their employees code and any of the given key (Mobile Number, Bank Account Number or GPF/PRAN Number) and on observing discrepancy, if any, report it immediately to the DDO concerned for its rectification on EMIS. The link for employees login is available on the official website of School Education Department and Directorate of School Education Kashmir.

         The DDOs shall make the necessary changes by utilizing the services of the Data Entry Operators/Zonal Nodal Officers who stand already designated and associated with the punching of data.

         Once the changes are effected by the DDOs, the employees and the DDO shall bring the physical format/hard-copy of the record downloadable from the system for physical record keeping and the online records shall be locked by the DDOs to prevent further changes.

         Moreover, all the transfers effected from January 2016 shall be updated on the system without any fail.

         All the DDOs shall also ensure to verify the institution-wise sanctioned staff strength already recorded on EMIS.

         All the DDOs shall ensure that the process is completed within one week from the data of publication of this notification failing which the salaries of the non-enrolled employees shall in no case be released.

         Any lapse on this account shall be the personal responsibility of DDOs/Employee concerned.

         For any technical query/issue Mr. Sumeet Sawhney, nodal officer-IT civil secretariat (Mobile No: 9086070356) be contacted.


Chief Education Officer,                                                                                                                


Copy to the:

  1. Director School Education Srinagar for information, please.
  2. Joint Director, Department of information, with the request to please issue orders for publicizing the instant notification in the daily Greater Kashmir for wide circulation of it.