Office of the Assistant Director Fisheries District Kulgaam


In view of poor response of the participants in the Auction conducted on 17-07-2017 at Trout fish farm Tschawalgam, the re-auction of Willow and Poplar (Standing and Cut down) Trees shall now be conducted  inside the premises of Trout Fish Tschawalgam Project on 29 -07-2017 at 12 noon. The details of the trees to be put to auction are as under:-

01.Willow (Marked)                       = 16 No’s

02.Poplar (Marked)                        = 07 No’s

03.Rubenia( Marked)                     = 24 No’s

04.Fire wood

Rubenia and willow               = 09 Qtls.

Terms and conditions:-

  1. The interested bidders can inspect the trees on spot on any day before the date of auction.

The details of trees alongwith girth measurement at chest hight are also available in the Office of Assistant Director Fisheries Kulgam.

  1. The interested bidders shall have to deposit an earnest money Rs. 5000/-as security Deposit against proper receipt on any working day before the start of auction in the office of Assistant Director Fisheries Kulgam
  2. The amount of the security deposit shall be refunded to the unsuccessful bidders on spot and of the successful bidder, the amount of security deposit shall be accounted for in the total bid amount.
  3. The auction committee shall be the final authority for acceptance of the bid.
  4. The bid of the trees shall start from minimum bid of Rs 124965= (the assessment value prepared by the Social Forest Division Kulgam)
  5. The full payment shall have to pay on spot by the successful bidder.
  6. The successful bidder shall have to cut and lift the trees only after payment is made in full.
  7. The successful bidder shall have to cut the trees and lift out side the Farm premises within specified period of seven days only.
  8. The other terms and conditions shall be announced before starting of the auction.




(R.A. Sofi)

Assistant Director Fisheries

          District Kulgam  


No: -      ADF/KuL/17-18/                                                    Dated: -                            -07-2017