Subject:           Digitization of NPR Data.

 Reference:      Tender Notice No. 01 of 2017 dated: 12.06.2017.


Tender Notice No: 02 of 2017


Dated: 03/07/2017


For and on behalf of the District Registrar of Citizens Registration, Srinagar, sealed Tenders affixed with Rs. 5/= revenue stamp are invited from registered agencies by this office for digitization work under National Population Register (NPR) for new/updation/correction as per details given hereunder.  


Broad terms and conditions of the NIT

  1. The tenders should reach in the office of City Census Officer (Joint Commissioner, Adm.), SMC at office address: SMC Head Office, Balgarden, Karan Nagar, Srinagar-190010 by or before 10/07/2017 till 2.00P.M.
  2. The offer shall be accompanied with CDR (amounting to Rs. 15,000) pledged to the F.A/Chief Accounts Officer, SMC drawn from any Nationalized/Scheduled Bank
  3. The tender shall be opened on the same day or any other convenient day in presence of tenderers or their representatives who may choose to remain present for the purpose by the tender opening authority.
  4. The tenderer should be a legal entity having a valid registration.
  5. The tenderer must have done similar kind of data entry jobs earlier. Previous work orders and completion certificates should be kept along with the tender.
  6. The tenderer must have executed data entry of minimum 2,00,000 Census/Biometric bilingual (English/ Urdu) records successfully.
  7. The tenderer should have sufficient infrastructure and manpower and the same would be verified before issuing the work order, documentary evidence to be enclosed with the offer.
  8. The tenderer should have a minimum financial turnover of Rs. 25 Lakhs for past three financial years each year.
  9. The tenderer should not have been blacklisted by/from any Government or PSU.
  10. The tenderer should have to quote his rates legibly both in words and figures without any cutting.
  11. The tenders without CDR shall not be entertained and will be rejected forthwith.
  12. The tenders due closed in envelop should be superscripted as “Tender for digitization work under National Population Register (NPR)” addressed to the City Census Officer (Joint Commissioner, Adm.), SMC.
  13. The successful tenderer shall have to execute an agreement with the department for the successful completion of the contract as per the instruction/conditions as contained in the NIT immediately within 7 days after placement of order.
  14. In case, the successful tenderer fails to complete the work, CDR of the defaulter tenderer shall be forfeited and the work shall be got completed through other source at his risk and cost.
  15. No conditional tender shall be entertained.
  16. No tender shall be received after due date.
  17. All the electronic gadgets including Power Generators required for the job shall be the responsibility of the successful tenderer.
  18. Payment shall be released only after completion of the work in full and its proper verification by Census Department/NIC Srinagar and City Census Officer.
  19. In case of any dispute the Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar shall be the appeal authority whose decision shall be final and binding upon the parties.
  20. Disputes, if any, are subject to the jurisdiction of Srinagar Courts only.
  21. The work shall be complete