Department of Horticulture(P&M) Office of the Chief Executive Officer Agriculture Produce Market Committee Fruit & Vegetable Market Shopian Revised TENDER NOTICE

Consequent upon poor response the Revised tender notice is issued whereby for and on behalf of Agricultural produce Market Committee Fruit & Vegetable Market shopian sealed tenders affixed with revenue stamps of Rs. 20-accompained with CDR/FDR worth Rs. 2,00000/-(rupees two lac  only) as security pledged to the Chief Executive Officer/APMC Shopian which is to be released after the expiry of the contract, are hereby invited from the interested persons for collection of gate entry fee at fruit &  vegetable Market Arhama Shopian for the period commencing from the date of execution of agreement to ending December 2017.The forms can be had from the office of Agricultural Produce Market Committee Shopian against the payment of Rs.100/- on all working days till 21 July 2017.The tenders should reach the office of the Chief Executive Officer Agriculture Produce Market Committee Shopian from the date of its issuance/publication by or before 22-07-2017 up to 12:00 noon and shall be opened on the same day at 2 PM in the Office of the Chief Executive Officer Agriculture Produce Market Committee Shopian in presence of the committee constituted for the purpose .In case of any untoward/abnormal circumstances the tenders shall be opened on the next working date. The offerer shall indicate his/her complete address including an identity proof also. The tenders should be free of alteration. The successful tendered shall have to collect the gate entry fee from the various kinds of vehicles for each trip entering into the Market/Mandi as per the following.






RS. 200/-



RS. 100/-



RS. 25/-



RS. 10/-


  The other terms and conditions in connection to the tender are as under:-

01.The minimum reserve bid offer is Rs.20,00000/-(Twenty lacs only).

02.The offer should be accompanied with a CDR/FDR of RS.2,00000/- pledged to chief executive officer Agriculture produce market Committee Shopian payable at J&K Bank main Branch Shopian.

03. The offer should be superscribed as gate entry  fee for fruit & vegetable Market shopian.

04. The successful tenderer shall have to execute an agreement with Agriculture  produce Market Committee Shopian and deposit the bid amount in full at the time of execution of the agreement.

05.The successful tenderer shall not raise any structure in the Mandi/Market premises during the contract period.

06. The allotee shall utilize the existing stricture on gate for collection of entry fee.

07. The allotee shall be bound by the labour laws being in force.

08. The allotee shall be liable to pay tax of any kind chargeable under the income tax laws for the time being in force.

09. The specimen of the receipt to be used by the tenderer shall be provided by the Agriculture produce market Committee Shopian.

10. In case of any dispute between the parties, the matter shall be referred to the Director Agricultural Marketing                 ( Horticulture Planning & Marketing) Govt. Of J&K Srinagar / Jammu for arbitration and the decision of the said Director shall be final and binding upon both the parties.

11. The APMC shall not be responsible in case of nil or less arrivals in the Market / Mandi due to strike / Curfew or any other reasons.

12. The Chief Executive Officer Agriculture Produce Market Committee Shopian reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in view of the circumstances purview of the law and rules.

13. The unsuccessful CDRs/FDRs shall be released after the execution of the agreement with the successful bidder.