Government of Jammu and Kashmir, Office of the Executive Engineer Urban Local Bodies Kashmir.

For and on behalf of the Governor of J&K State, sealed tenders affixed with two rupees revenue stamps are invited from the Registered Contractors/Firms of J&K State for the execution of the following works:-       


Name of the work

App. Cost

E. Money

Cost of





Construction of drain near H/o Mohammad Shafi Via D.C road side New Colony Kulgam at Municipal Committee Kulgam





10 Days


Construction of lane from Snober Bakery at Handoo Mohalla at Municipal Committee Kulgam-        (Fresh)





10 Days








The tenders for the execution of the above mentioned work should be addressed to the Executive Officer, M C KulgamThe tender documents will be issued by the Executive Officer, M C Kulgamavailable upto31 of JULY 2017 upto 4:00 pm against cash payment of the amount indicated above and should reach to the office of the Executive Officer, M C Kulgamon or before   2nd   of  August2017 up to 2:00 pm. The tenders will be opened by the undersigned on the same day or any other subsequent day convenient to the opening authority in presence of the Contractors who wish to be present. The tenders should be sent through post/personally. In case of these days or any one of the day falls holiday or if the office shall happen to remain closed due to some unavoidable circumstance. The dates shall be reckoned to be the next working day. The rates should be mentioned both in words as well as in figures in legible handwriting. No separate correction slip shall be entertained. The tender documents should be accompanied with a CDR from registered bank pledged to the Executive Officer, M C Kulgam without which the tenders shall not be entertained in any case. The terms and conditions will remain same as per previous NIT No. LB/EEK/1104 dated: 10.08.1984. The rates should be inclusive of Income tax, Service tax and service charge/sales tax etc. The tender forms will be rejected subject to following conditions:-

  1. If transparent tape is not found over rates/items tenders shall be rejected.
  2. CDR should be from an y Nationalized Bank preferably J&K Bank, HDFC Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India.
  3. Released CDR shall not be accepted, if so, the tender shall be rejected.
  4. Any tenders quote “Rebate” on comparative cost or on item of rate will be rejected. The contractor should adjust this within the quoted rate structure.
  5. Any tender having not fixed revenue stamps should be rejected.
  6. If the rates are found dubious the tender forms will be reject ted.
  7. The tenderer should not quote rate (Split items) henceforth, if so the tender shall be rejected.
  8. The Defect Liability period shall be of Six months.
  9. The tender document will be issued only on production of the registration Card with the application form and necessary Sales Tax clearance certificate in a prescribed form issued by the assessing authority irrespective of PAN and TIN No.
  10. Only those contractors can apply for tender documents whose Registration Cards are updated in respect of Renewal/ Recording the works executed during past three years and necessary Sales Tax clearance processing PAN/TIN no. from competent Authority.
  11. The successful contractor/Agency should attend office of the undersigned personally along with registration Card for drawal of agreement, otherwise action under rules shall be initiated.



           Executive Engineer

Urban Local Bodies


No: LB/EEK/17-18/3448-52

Dated:   24-07-2017